Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coles Catalogue 8th April 2015 Meat and Food

Coles Catalogue offers a nice new product sale for you. Coles Catalogue 8th April 2015 to find a great product range for shopping for your weekly items. Shopping items of the Coles online catalogue are beverages and breakfast items, meat, seafood with special offers, everyday deals of Coles, fresh food, chocolate products, frozen food, half prices specials and household needs.


Coles beverage of soft drinks are available with amazing prices on pg; 2. Visit it to discover great savings for your weekly shopping budget. Find a nice sale of Coles using this catalogue.
Coca Cola Soft Drink varieties 2 for $39 
Pepsi Solo or Schweppes Soft Drink $15 
Mother Energy Drink 4x500 mL $5.47 
Red Rock Deli Potato Chips $3 
Schweppes $1.50


Nutritious and well priced products of Coles Catalogue are among what you can see this week.
Cadbury Brunch Bars $2 
Kraft Peanut Butter $2.84 
Nestle Milo Cereal $2.49 
Beyond Pure coconut water slimline can $1 

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